Zhanna’s Adventures

Zhanna’s Adventures is a personal website detailing my adventures in hiking, geocaching, survey mark hunting, abandoned trail seeking, historical mystery-solving, and general exploration. I try to keep this project fun and interesting for myself and my readers, and to carefully document the places I visit and the trails I hike. The website also features some of my photography, which focuses on trail scenes, native plants, and food.

Content is created directly in the WordPress CMS and is searchable, and filterable by various custom taxonomies as well as by date. A custom post type for geocaches allows me to keep a copy of my geocache logs and integrate them with a post about each day’s adventures. Historical documentation accompanies my searches for abandoned trails mainly in Acadia National Park; in fact, a small community of abandoned trail seekers has developed around this website and several others with similar themes.

Historical trail documentation with photos and maps Photo gallery Geocache detail custom post type
A selection of screenshots from Zhanna’s Adventures

Project type


Technologies used

  • Self-hosted WordPress instance on virtual private server (VPS).
  • PHP for custom template development, on top of the GeneratePress theme framework.
  • Development and extensive use of custom fields and custom post types to create personal geocache database within WordPress.
  • Integration of Leaflet open-source JavaScript mapping library for displaying geocache locations and hike/bike tracklogs on maps.
  • Backups performed daily by iControlWP WorpDrive service.

Deployment method

  • Local development on XAMPP server, then migrate changes to WordPress instance.
  • Textual content created directly in WordPress CMS.