The Next Station Will Be … Volume 7

This is the first of two books I’ve recently acquired from the series “The Next Station Will Be … “. The other was Volume 5, covering the New York, Susquehanna & Western railroad and its Wilkes-Barre & Eastern extension.

Huge thanks go to my friend and colleague Elaine, who snatched this book out of the donations box at the library. She knew I would love it.

The Next Station Will Be ... Volume 7

I decided to list the contents of each book because many times over the course of my hiking, exploring, and survey mark hunting adventures, I’ve come across books online that might hold the historical images I need to solve a particular mystery, but there is no way to tell without purchasing the book. I’m thinking the lists might help someone else who wonders if a particular book contains an image they are seeking. If you would like a scan of a particular image for research purposes, please feel free to contact me!

Like the others in the series, this book showcases photographs taken in 1910 of railroad stations, accompanied by brief descriptions. This volume covers the Erie Railroad’s Delaware Division (Port Jervis to Lanesboro, and the Honesdale branch [Lackawaxen to Honesdale]), Wyoming Division (the Saco branch [West Hawley to Saco] and the main line [Saco to Plains Jct.]), and Jefferson Division (Susquehanna to Carbondale). The book also contains short historical notes about each division, track maps and track elevation profile diagrams for each division, and 1911 timetables. Some of the mile post numbers are out of order and seem a bit suspect, which may be due to the various junctions and spurs along the lines. The numbers were copied exactly from the book, but if you have a verifiable correction, please leave a comment.

Stations/attractions shown are the following (with mile post numbers):

Delaware Division

  • M.P. 87.3: Port Jervis
  • M.P. 98.4: Pond Eddy
  • M.P. 102.2: Parker’s Glen
  • M.P. 106.1: Shohola
  • M.P. 110.1: Lackawaxen
  • M.P. 115.4: Masthope
  • M.P. 121.4: Narrowsburg
  • M.P. 129.9: Cochecton
  • M.P. 135.1: Callicoon
  • M.P. 142.0: Hankins
  • M.P. 146.3: Long Eddy
  • M.P. 152.6: Lordville
    • M.P. 163.0: Hancock
  • M.P. 171.1: Hale’s Eddy
  • M.P. 176.0: Deposit
    • M.P. 183.1: Gulf Summit
  • M.P. 139.8: Starrucca Viaduct
  • M.P. 191.6: Susquehanna

Wyoming Division

  • M.P. 5 from the main line: Rowlands
  • M.P. 7.52: Glen Eyre
  • M.P. 11.69: Kimbles
  • M.P. 15.1: Hawley
  • M.P. 15.69: West Hawley
  • M.P. 3.72: White Mills
  • M.P. 9: Honesdale
  • M.P. 6.84: Hoadley’s
  • M.P. 13.25: Gravity
  • M.P. 15.62: Lake Ariel
  • M.P. 18.33: Maplewood
  • M.P. 22.02: Wimmers
    • M.P. 26.95: Elmhurst
  • M.P. 1.93: Dunmore
  • M.P. 3.72: Scranton
    • M.P. 42.18: Avoca
  • M.P. 1.06 from No. 7 jct.: Pittston

Jefferson Division

  • M.P. 4.23 from Susquehanna: Brandt
  • M.P. 10.47: Starrucca
  • M.P. 14.19: Thompson
  • M.P. 19: Ararat
  • M.P. 23.72: Herrick Center
  • M.P. 27.51: Uniondale
  • M.P. 32.7: Forest City
  • M.P. 39: Carbondale

Also depicted are the American Hotel at Hancock, an early Erie & Wyoming Valley locomotive (#35, later #301 and then #741) and the dining room of the Susquehanna station.

The Next Station Will Be … An Album of Photographs of Railroad Depots in 1910, Volume 7: Erie: Port Jervis—Susquehanna—Scranton. Livingston, NJ: Railroadians of America, 1982.