Two New Cuties

Since our last visit our local Walmart received a small shipment of cacti … adorned with the dreaded fake strawflowers, of course. We were both surprised to see a few Eriosyce among the usual suspects. We already have an Eriosyce senilis but we couldn’t resist another, smaller, specimen since it’s one of our favorites—and having more than one increases the chances we’ll actually see some of their beautiful flowers.

We also decided to pick up this little columnar as well. My first thought was that it’s a Polaskia but on second thought, I’m leaning toward Stenocereus pruinosus (commonly, gray ghost organ pipe). It appears to be seed grown rather than grown from a cutting. I’ll know for sure when I repot.

Stenocereus? You can't have too many! The spines are more like very stiff hairs
Two new friends rescued from Walmart